Coral Travel Group begins expansion to three new countries

Coral Travel Group begins expansion into three new countries

OTI Holding, a large hotel holding of Turkish origin, which includes tour operators Coral Travel and Sunmar, will rebrand and continue to work under the new name Coral travel group. With the name change, the holding begins expansion into three new markets.

The Turkish tourism group OTI Holding, which has been providing services in the tourism sector since 1992, has rebranded to strengthen its position in key markets, including Germany, Turizmgunlugu reported. Representatives of the holding announced that, having changed the brand, they intend to unite its sub-brands together under the roof of Coral Travel Group. The travel group, which has 4,300 employees at 37 subsidiaries in 22 countries, also said it would take important steps as part of its growth goals.

The Group already operates in Turkey, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Thailand, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Greece. Among the new markets that Coral Travel Group will target as part of its growth targets include Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Romania.

The travel group currently operates tour operations in 13 countries. The OTI holding, which received the new name Coral Travel Group, includes three tour operator brands: Coral Travel, Ferien Touristik (Germany) and Sunmar Tour. In addition, the group of companies also includes the aerospace company Blue Connect, which operates in the field of aircraft rental. In addition, the tourist group has three hotel brands: Xanadu Resort, Otium Hotels and Seven Seas Hotels, as well as the Odeon Tours tour operator, which hosts Russian tourists in Turkey.

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