Coronavirus is everything: two of the three most popular Russian tourist destinations are done with the pandemic

Coronavirus is over: two of the three most popular Russian tourist destinations have ended the pandemic

“Due to the difficult political situation, the coronavirus is winding down and leaves Russia” – this “black humor” is clearly becoming true. Covid-19 restrictions for tourists are “piling up” one after another, QR codes and masks are no longer required in Moscow, and other regions are also introducing concessions. However, as with the introduction of “antique” measures, the last word remains with the local authorities.

So that the tourist does not get into a mess, we are talking about the main stages of coronavirus “cancellations” today.

  1. In Moscow and the Moscow region, the “mask regime” has been completely canceled since the beginning of this week, wearing masks is no longer mandatory. The rule of “social distance” is also abolished. Restaurants, hotels, museums, and other places will not only stop asking for QR codes, but will, in theory, abolish mandatory temperature checks.
  2. Resorts have also “stretched” behind Moscow, though so far slowly. The Crimean authorities have already announced their intention to cancel the mask regime, but so far no date has been set for its cancellation, although the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, announced its cancellation this week. The decision on QR codes, including their mandatory presence when checking into hotels, was canceled in Crimea on March 4.
  3. The Krasnodar Territory distinguished itself by an extremely interesting “manoeuvre”: on February 28, its authorities announced the extension of the emergency regime for coronavirus right up to May 30, but – due to the huge disappointment of the tourist industry and tourists – this is exactly what the local authorities said, already on March 3, QR- codes. The fate of the mask mode is not yet clear.
  4. The mask mode is being consistently canceled in other areas. The Kaluga region, as well as the Kemerovo and Tambov regions, announced its cancellation. “Thinking about” this decision in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as in Khakassia – but local administrations are waiting for the decision of the local departments of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health.
  5. Chechnya, which claims to become a tourist destination, was one of the first to remove the mask regime – this happened on February 10; and in early March, all coronavirus restrictions were lifted altogether.
  6. At the opposite pole is “stubborn” Petersburg. As Governor Alexander Beglov said, there will be no indulgences similar to those in Moscow. At least until the end of the state of emergency – and this is April 30. At the same time, the authorities of the city on the Neva agreed to the abolition of QR codes on March 4.

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