Countries beloved by Russian tourists are ready to unleash a war: there was a threat to territorial integrity

Countries beloved by Russian tourists are ready to unleash a war: there was a threat to territorial integrity

In the EU, they “express concern”: Turkey’s military rhetoric is gaining momentum, and Greece “gives back”, which ultimately creates the impression that the countries are unable to solve the matter peacefully – that is, the matter is moving towards war and they are ready to unleash a conflict against them. The European Union has so far issued abstract slogans about reconciliation, but the situation is heating up.

The EU leadership says it calls on Turkey and Greece “for a peaceful dialogue in resolving bilateral issues that hinder relations between Athens and Ankara.” “We are aware of the hostile remarks by the political leadership of Turkey towards Greece and the Greek people, which are really of great concern,” said EU Foreign Affairs Spokesman Peter Stan. This is apparently about the statement about the “invisible attack” that President Erdogan made the other day. Read the details at this link. “We expect Turkey to refrain from escalatory rhetoric and engage in the promotion of good neighborly relations, and not vice versa,” said the EU representative.

In turn, Athens declared its determination to “not allow” Turkey's militaristic rhetoric to become a “daily news story”. The head of the Greek Foreign Ministry notified all the country's partners “of the threats to its territorial integrity from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other high-ranking officials in his government.” In them, he included “military operations against the Greek islands and “self-defense” actions to suppress terrorism.”

Another reason is Turkish drones that violated the airspace over the Greek islands several times. The Foreign Minister promised that he would immediately send letters to all members of the UN Security Council, the UN Secretary General, as well as the NATO Secretary General. “The letters cite the original statements of Turkish officials, without any further comment. They are so “outrageous” that no further comment is needed,” the Greeks said.

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