Country popular with Russian tourists opens its doors to Russians despite sanctions

A country popular with Russian tourists opens its doors to Russians despite sanctions

African resort destinations intend to ignore European “air sanctions” and closures. Kenya is ready to accept both charter and regular flights from Russia, Winnie Mwanjala, Kenya's Minister-Counselor to the Russian Federation, officially announced this to RIA Novosti. “Kenya is ready to receive both charter and regular flights from Moscow,” the representative of the country emphasized.

Note that in the “pre-crisis” years – up to 2014 – the talk about charters in the country periodically came up, but was quickly removed off the agenda, as demand was insufficient. On the other hand, as the experience of Tanzania opened after covid has shown, tour operators switched to “survival mode” act and set up flight programs, including very quickly.

Note that other countries are also announcing the opening for Russian tourists. In particular, from March 15, Vietnam is preparing to fully open – although there is no exact information yet.

In general, Russian tourists can still travel to 30 countries on almost 30 air carriers. Some countries also retained flights and Russian airlines with “Superjet”. Read the details in the material: “A complete list of countries where you can buy tours from Russia, indicating working tour operators” has been compiled.

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