Crowds of tourists surrounded the ancient temple in anticipation of the solar phenomenon

Crowds of tourists surrounded the ancient temple in anticipation of the solar phenomenon

Crowds of tourists gathered in the Phanom Rung Historical Park in Isaan province in Buriram in Thailand to observe the solar phenomenon, which occurs only four times per year.

According to updated information from the Thai media, a rare phenomenon is that through 15 doors wide open, at a certain hour, the sun appears for a few seconds. Numerous tourists gather in anticipation of this mesmerizing natural phenomenon.

Reference: Phanom Rung Temple is located on Mount Phanom Rung in the Tapek subdistrict, Chaloemprakiat district of Buriram province. The temple, built in the XV-XVIII centuries, is made of pink sandstone in the ancient Khmer architectural style. The name of the temple also comes from the Khmer language, which means “great mountain”.

The solar phenomenon has made the historic landmark even more attractive. It is known that the manifestation of the sun can be observed through the door of the temple four times a year. Dates may vary from year to year, but in general adhere to the following time references:

  1. Sunset from 5 to 7 March
  2. Sunrise from 3 to 5 April
  3. Sunrise from 8 to 10 September
  4. Sunset from 5 to 7 October

September 8, 2022 was the first day of the third solar event this year. Last Thursday morning, many tourists gathered in the historical park to take their best shot of the sunrise through 15 doors. Those who wished to have gathered on the spot since 5:50 in the morning for the sake of a few seconds. According to the report, this time the light from the sun was not as clear as tourists expected because it was quite cloudy in the morning.

One traveler told the media that he enjoyed watching the sunrise at the temple. It was worth visiting, even if the phenomenon was subtle and the clouds prevented a clear shot, he said. However, tourists still have two days left to see the iconic sunrise at the temple. The phenomenon is expected to repeat on September 9 and 10.

Travellers have another reason to visit the historical site in Thailand. At this time, the annual Phanom Rung 2022 festival is held there. All guests are waiting for a parade, a religious ceremony, a performance and street food.

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