Cruel Turkish romance: a Russian woman in Turkey accused the hotel manager of cheating on 5,567,500 rubles

A cruel Turkish romance: a Russian woman in Turkey accused the hotel manager of cheating on 5,567,500 rubles

Russian tourist went to Turkey with a large amount of money received as a result of the sale of housing, but lost them in the republic. In the loss of 5.56 million rubles, she accused the manager of the Turkish hotel, with whom she was preparing for the wedding. Turizmguncel reported on the violent romance.

Albina K. wanted to buy a house in the resort of Antalya, because. was preparing to marry her Turkish boyfriend Dogan Kaan, whom she met back in 2021. To do this, the woman sold her property in Russia. Cash in the amount of 5.567.500 rubles (1.310.000 Turkish lira) was with her and the Turks knew about it.

The woman could not imagine the deceit of the groom. Under the guise of concern on the day of the deal, he sent his fiancee to the shower to “relax”, and he took the money and disappeared. “Dogan Kaan was the manager of the hotel where I stayed. I fell in love with him. He proposed to me. We started getting ready for the wedding. I had a house in Russia. My mother and I bought it, and now I have sold it to buy a house in Antalya. But Dogan stopped me and told me about his friend who got a job during the earthquake, he had to distribute food. He had to wait, because. he had 5 houses, and he was allegedly ready to sell one of them at a discount of 30-40 thousand liras (127-170 thousand rubles), but for cash. I trusted him. He forced his friend to urgently sell my apartment for 5.28 million rubles. (1 million 240 thousand lire). The buyer came with a bag of money. I was surprised they didn't put money in the account. We brought this bag home. And Dogan said to me: “Go to the shower.” When I left, there was no money in the room, no fiance. He stole them and ran away. Previously, he helped me open a travel agency. I have a debt of 70,000 lire (almost 300,000 rubles) there,” a compatriot told her sad story.

As it turned out, Kaan, the beloved Russian woman, did not have the best reputation. The violent romance became the topic of conversation in one of the popular Turkish TV shows. So, one of the acquaintances of the fraudster said that Dogan Kaan constantly borrowed money from him and did not give it back, and the other complained that Kaan did not pay his daughter's salary. It is not yet known whether the Russian woman went to the police.

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