Cyprus counted tourist flows and stated the disappearance of Russian tourists

Cyprus counted tourist flows and stated the disappearance of Russian tourists

In May 2022, 315,018 tourists arrived in the resort of Cyprus. This is 212.3% more than in the previous year. But despite the record data, there are no Russian tourists in the Cypriot statistics at all, since the tourist flow from Russia has been stopped: at the moment, the airspace of Cyprus is closed for Russian aircraft. Although there were always a lot of Russians in the resorts of Cyprus in the dock and pre-sanction times. The latest report on donor countries was published last Friday by the Statistical Office of Cyprus (Cystat).

In the first five months of 2022, the volume of tourist flow to the European country amounted to 849,058 people. For comparison: for the corresponding period of 2021, the number of visitors was only 156,825, which is more than five times less than the current figure.

In the period from January to May 2020, which was marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the volume the tourist flow was 246.556 people, while for the corresponding period of time in 2019 Cyprus was visited by a record number of tourists – 1'121'361 tourists.

The rating of foreign tourists by number of arrivals is as follows:

  1. British tourists became the main source of tourism in May 2022. The UK accounted for 40.1% (126.324 people) of the total number of arrivals.
  2. Poland with 7.4% (23.197 people)
  3. Israel – 6.9% (21.749 people)
  4. Germany – 6.5% (20.592 people)
  5. Sweden – 5.1% (15.943 people)
  6. Greece – 4.4% (13.905 people)
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    While in the statistics of the resort island over the past years, Russian tourists firmly held the lead in terms of the number of arrivals.

    As for the purposes of those who came to the island nation, 79.5% of the tourists who arrived said that the purpose of their trip in May 2022 was recreation and vacations, while 12.5% ​​came to Cyprus to visit friends and relatives . According to the report, only 7.9% of visitors said they came to the island for business purposes. In May 2021, the data was different: 80.7% of tourists visited Cyprus for leisure, 9.8% came to visit friends or relatives, and 9.4% visited Cyprus as business tourists.

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