Cyprus has changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Cyprus has changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Another country with the beginning of summer completely removed covid barriers, throwing off unnecessary shackles for tourism: Cyprus completely canceled PCR tests and vaccination certificates for all tourists, including Russians. This was stated in the government press and information bureau.

The new rules apply at the airports of Larnaca and Paphos, as well as in all ports of the republic. The Council of Ministers of Cyprus also canceled the “traffic light” that divides countries on the basis of “covid” risks.

Recall that official flights with Cyprus, as well as with all of Europe, are closed. But Russian tourists can get into the country on connecting flights.

We also recall that several more states are among the countries that have completely removed the “covid” barriers – including Turkey, which is open to Russians – read the details at the link . Among the countries that have admitted all tourists since the beginning of summer, without certificates and tests, is Italy – which continues to issue visas to our tourists – read the article Italy has changed the rules of entry.

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