Dead on board: Pilot reveals what really happens when someone dies on a plane

Dead on board: Pilot reported what really happens when someone dies in an airplane

Although traveling by plane is safer than traveling by car, a tourist can die in the air too. Former pilot, professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, historian Dan Babb told the Daily Mail about how the personnel act in this case.

According to him, most passengers resting on board will not even realize that one of the travelers has died before reaching his destination. “If a passenger dies, he will be quietly transferred from the cabin so as not to frighten others, the flight crew will not inform passengers that their (fellow traveler) has died,” he said. Moreover, some aircraft are equipped with a special compartment for storing the body away from vacationers. If such a place is not provided, then the flight attendants cover the deceased with a blanket to the neck and fasten the seat belts.

Stewardess Annette Long previously explained to Business Insider what she would do in such a situation. “I would probably cover the person with a blanket so that they look at him less. You want to maintain dignity and respect for someone who has passed away. You don't want anyone to look at it. It would be really sad,” she said.

If there is a medical emergency on board, all flight attendants are trained in first aid, and planes are often also equipped with defibrillators. But if further assistance is required, the crew can make an emergency landing at the nearest airport or ask if there are qualified medical personnel among the passengers.

It is surprising that until the moment the plane lands at the airport, the passenger is not declared dead . Only doctors can officially declare death.

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