Deadly landmark: the most dangerous place where stupid tourists are constantly dying at a popular resort among Russians

Deadly landmark: the most dangerous place where stupid tourists constantly die is named at the resort popular with Russians

“Stay away!” – they unequivocally warn tourists on the “paradise island” Bali, popular among Russians, declaring about the “deadly attraction”. We are talking about the rock pool Angel's Billabong, which is located between the rocky cliffs on the southwestern tip of the island of Nusa Penida. The place fascinates with its beauty, and many tourists go down to capture themselves at this “pool”. But not everyone managed to survive from them.

The place attracts tourists from all over the world due to its crystal clear waters and mesmerizing scenery. But it seems that soon the guides will add to this glory a pretty “horror” – the place claims several lives of stupid tourists a year. The latest victim was 46-year-old Chinese citizen Qiuwei Anhui, who was swept out to sea while taking a selfie. In front of him, a trained New Zealander died, who dived to save his German girlfriend, who was swept into the ocean by the waves. She was subsequently rescued by an Australian diver.

There are many such tragic stories to be told here. The reason for all the misfortunes – huge waves that can easily wash away a tourist from slippery stones and hit him against the rocks – few managed to swim out. At the same time, “rogue waves” are unpredictable – some tourists, with the help of local guides, manage to avoid them.

According to one of the tourists, the guide warned them in time: “20 minutes passed – and he ordered us to get out immediately , after another five minutes, huge waves surged. This is a great place, but a real death trap!” – says one of the tourists who managed to return alive. In general, visitors are highly recommended to enjoy the view from above and not to climb into the water of the “pool”, even at low tide.

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