Deception at every turn: the troubles for which tourists in Georgia need to prepare are named

Deceit at every turn: the troubles that tourists in Georgia need to prepare for

Fake photos of hotels, shortfalls and body kit, as well as other small attempts to shortchange tourists and deceit at every turn. A tourist who decides to get to Georgia, more precisely to the resort of Batumi, should prepare for such troubles, the columnist for Arguments and Facts said based on personal impressions. He said that Batumi should not be expected from a “new Dubai” – “we are a standard Soviet resort with extremely high prices in the summer,” he quotes locals.

To begin with, he disappointed the tourist, who was sure that everything in Georgia was still cheap. The exchange rate of the lari to the ruble at the moment is 31.72. Prices in a cafe in Batumi, “which is called” good and inexpensive “- 400 rubles for borscht, 360 rubles for a plate with smoked lard and garlic. Plus, “when paying, everyone is in for a surprise – 10% for service is added to the bill, sometimes 20% – depending on the greed of the institution.”

Accommodation prices are also not cheap. A room in a high-rise building on the Black Sea coast cost the observer 2.5 thousand rubles. in the off season; in the season you will have to pay from 7 to 12 thousand rubles. However, “the farther from the sea, the cheaper” – at a distance of two or three kilometers from the sea in Batumi, housing will cost 2 thousand rubles. But “everything must be carefully checked,” the expert assures. “Even in the midst of skyscrapers in Batumi, there are neighborhoods where there is not only hot, but also cold water – people walk with buckets to the column on the street. Be sure to check the presence of a boiler – otherwise you risk being left without water procedures. Do not trust the pictures of accommodation on the site where you book – they could be corrected with Photoshop, ”says the expert. However, this will not save either: incidents are not uncommon when a tourist arrives at a booked apartment, and they take him to another – they say, that one is busy.

They will want to profit at the expense of the tourist in any public catering. At the same time, products in Georgia have tripled in price since 2020, the expert assures. On average, a three-course lunch in an ordinary Batumi cafe will cost 1,200-1,500 rubles per person. The expert criticized, referring to the opinion of the locals, the Batumi fish market – according to him, “they cheat more than in Sochi: they sell stale goods, they weigh them down.”

The expert also called the problem of trying to constantly calculate. “In Batumi, they try to give up change in shops, cafes, and taxis. Batumi residents blame the situation on the “come in large numbers” – residents of other regions of Georgia, considering tourists as a “cash cow”. The hostess of the mini-hotel confirmed the mood of the local “ordinary tourist business”: “Resort cities have one task – to squeeze as much money out of the vacationer as possible in a short time. The season is only three months, and you need to live on this income for a whole year. So the expert advises “not to be fascinated” and not to expect “foreign”.

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