Deputies accused of sex tourism and alcohol tours at public expense

Deputies were accused of sex tourism and alcohol tours at public expense

A scandal erupted in the UK: local deputies used foreign business trips for sex tourism and alcohol tours – and at public expense. And some deputies distinguished themselves by the fact that they “showed sympathy for Russian girls,” Politico notes separately.

Without naming names, the publication claims that a certain Conservative MP, and now a member of the House of Lords, for example, was very interested in the nearest brothel during a trip to Southeast Asia. Another Conservative MP and former minister chose to stay a couple of days after his business trip “to develop an interest in local women.” Another high-ranking MP from the Labor Party just “showed sympathy for Russian girls during trips abroad”, and local authorities “felt powerless to intervene” because they were worried about maintaining their influence in Westminster.

At the same time, often it was about “profile” deputies who specifically deal with a given country or group of countries. This means, among other things, that officials make regular trips abroad, funded by foreign governments or private companies.

According to the experts of the publication, as part of the investigation, they spoke with more than a dozen government officials and legislators in the UK and abroad. And they confirmed accusations of drunken, obscene or sexually inappropriate behavior by some lawmakers and colleagues during such trips. In the “Overseas Territories”, MPs have repeatedly participated in parties organized by diplomatic representatives who are “supplied” with young men and women for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities.

“Some MPs often actively requested foreign governments for a fully paid trip, sometimes going so far as to express their preference for champagne and sumptuous dinners. The government of one of these territories was deeply disappointed by the behavior of the British MPs who came here, who consider themselves celebrities: they drink and behave badly and arrogantly,” local officials quote the publication.

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