Desperate tourists unleashed wars: the night watch and sugar sabotage went into battle

Desperate tourists unleashed wars: the night watch and sugar sabotage went into battle

The “war for sunbeds” in European resorts has taken an extreme phase – the desperate tourists arrange a “night watch”, occupying sun loungers with towels in the evening, and not as before – from 6 in the morning. And some originals are very ingenious in their revenge on those who like to leave a towel on a sunbed, thus taking up space: “sugar diversions” were used. Hotel owners also have to take emergency measures.

Another video about the “sunbed wars” was published on TikTok: according to it, tourists have already moved from morning runs to “night watch”. “It's eight o'clock in the evening,” says the commentator, pointing to the video of the hotel's swimming pool surrounded by empty sun loungers, “as you can see, everyone has already put their beach towels in to take the sunbeds the next day.”

Under the video there were a lot of indignant comments. The struggle for a “place in the sun” has clearly begun to annoy tourists. Some commentators voice the usual “form of protest” against the occupied sun loungers, that is: “It does not matter at all if there is no one here, I will just throw off this towel and sit down.” There were also more vindictive and original ideas of punishment: “My friends went to the pool early in the morning, wetted towels and poured sugar on them. The towels were covered in ants and other insects.”

As a result, in order to avoid damage to property and high-profile scandals, some hotel owners in European resorts were forced to take action. Some of them ask tourists to book sunbeds in advance, which are “assigned” to the tourist for the entire duration of the holiday. In some hotels, the hotel has already officially warned that local employees have the right to remove the towel if no one uses the sunbed for a period of time.

Recall that this summer a lot of videos appeared on social networks, as foreigners in the resorts of Spain, Italy and Greece arrange morning races to sun loungers with towels at the ready. The main fans of this “sport” were the British and the French. Numerous footage shows tourists fleeing the hotel every morning with towels, knocking each other over to try and get the best seats by the pool. One user overlaid Benny Hill's saxophone version of yakety, well known to Russians, over his video to emphasize the comedy of the moment, and captioned his video: “Crazy knock each other down to get to the sunbed.” Read the details at the link.

The author of one such video was a Russian tourist Svetlana, who was vacationing in Mallorca. “Recreation in the style of“ Tagil ”she called a crowd of tourists demolishing everything in its path with the“ desired ”goal to take sunbeds by the pool. As the tourist assured, such a “ridiculous spectacle” can be observed every day from about 9 am – a huge crowd of tourists, mostly British and German, makes a crazy dash and in a couple of seconds all the sunbeds are occupied with towels and bags. Sometimes there are no skirmishes. Read the details here.

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