Direct flights to the popular beach country from Moscow open for Russian tourists

Direct flights to the popular beach country from Moscow are opened for Russian tourists

Flights to another African beach country can be opened for Russian tourists. We are talking about Morocco and the Casablanca-Moscow flight. At least, according to the Atalayar publication, Rosaviatsia is aiming for this, suggesting that the heads of Russian airlines “think about opening new airlines in eleven countries, including the Kingdom of Morocco.”

The publication recalls that before the crisis and sanctions, S7 Airlines and Aeroflot opened flights to Morocco in 2021 – this is how S7 Airlines announced a weekly flight from Moscow to Casablanca, and Aeroflot flew to Agadir. On the Moroccan side, Royal Air Maros Casablanca-Moscow flights were also named. Recall that the Moroccan carrier announced them back in November last year. Read more here.

According to experts, Russia's air links with Morocco can stimulate Moroccan tourism, one of the engines of the country's economy, by increasing the number of Russian visitors arriving in this North African country. At the same time, the Moroccan authorities declared the development of tourism one of the key elements of their road map. They expect to attract 17.5 million tourists and generate €11 billion in revenue over four years, culminating in 2026. And to this end, the country's authorities are interested in continuing to increase international air traffic.

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