Discounts up to 60%: tour operators told how profitable it is to buy a tour to Turkey

Discounts up to 60%: tour operators told how profitable it is to buy a tour to Turkey

Turkey in the next summer season will rise in price by 15-20%, but tour operators told how profitable it is to buy tours to Turkey with a huge discount. You need to do this now: the fact is that discounts on early booking promotions currently reach 60%, and the closer to the season, the less they will be. So tourists with a long-term planning horizon will benefit. Such data is provided by ATOR, referring to the words of Vladimir Rubtsov, CEO of FUN&SUN (former TUI) tour operator, at the New Year in the City travel event for travel agents in Antalya.

According to forecasts voiced by an expert, prices for holidays in Turkey in the 2023 season will increase by about 15-20%. Such data were voiced by Turkish experts following the results of the first contracts of Turkish hoteliers for the next season. At the same time, the FUN&SUN CEO advised tourists the following way to profitably buy a tour to Turkey: “The average check for early booking for the summer of 2023 is now comparable to the price tag for last year’s tours. That is, you can buy a tour to Turkey in December for the next summer season at the same prices as last year.” As a result, you can buy tours to Turkey for the summer in December with a profit of almost 60%. At the same time, the expert warned that the closer the summer season is, the smaller the discounts will be. So, in April, the discount will be only 10%.

At the same time, according to him, at the first step, the tourist will only need an advance payment of about 1 thousand rubles. Further, the price of the tour is fixed (in currency), and the tourist can pay the remaining amount in installments closer to the start of the tour.

And the demand for such shares is not just there – added Vladimir Rubtsov – it has grown significantly. “Demand exceeds the volumes of 2021 by 2.5 times,” he said. So the forecast for the summer, if everything, of course, remains stable, is favorable for the tour operator. If in the summer season of 2022 all Russian tour operators sent 3.5 million tourists to Turkey, then next year they expect the outbound market to grow by 20-25% as a whole.

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