Dream vacation: the Russians named the destinations where they would most like to go on vacation

Dream vacation: Russians named the destinations they would most like to go on vacation

Unexpected favorite “beat” traditional places holidays, such as Sochi and Crimea in a survey about the dream vacation of Russian tourists. In a survey undertaken by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) in partnership with the “Brand No. 1 in Russia” Prize, Baikal unexpectedly won – it was chosen by almost a third of the respondents.

In this survey, potential Russian tourists were asked to choose their preferred holiday destinations in Russia, which they would choose this year if they had no restrictions. As a result, the rating of the most preferred destinations was headed by Baikal – it was chosen by 29%. Crimea lagged behind, but not much – 21% dream of visiting Altai, 19% want to visit Altai a little less.

St. Petersburg is next in the ranking – 15% of tourists want to visit there, 14% dream of such a traditional resort as Sochi, and the same number dream of exotic Kamchatka. This is followed by Karelia – 11%, the Far East (8%), Krasnodar (8%), Kaliningrad (6%) and Altai Territory (6%).

VCIOM experts also added the following details. Baikal turned out to be a favorite among almost all ages, but older citizens aged 45-59 years called it somewhat more often – 33%. Young people are not very interested in Crimea – in the age group of 18-24 years old, only 14% chose to rest on the peninsula. But young people tend to get to St. Petersburg sooner – in the same age group they were chosen by 20%.

If there are some “gender” differences. Sochi and St. Petersburg are more likely to be visited by ladies – they turned out to be 17% against 11% and 12% among men. But “brutal” Kamchatka turned out to be a man’s dream, Russian women called the peninsula almost twice as often (18% and 10%, respectively).

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