Drunk Russian tourist beaten in Thailand for refusing to pay for booze

Drunk Russian tourist beaten in Thailand for refusing to pay for booze

Because of the amount of 60 baht – a little more than 120 rubles – a drunken Russian tourist was beaten in Thailand. The reason was the refusal to pay for the drink. At the same time, the hostess of the bar assures that she personally “attached” the face of the tourist, acting in self-defense.

The details told by the Thai media, referring to the data of the Thai police, the rescue team was called at about 2:30 in the morning to a bar in Pattaya. An ambulance arrived at the scene and found the man lying unconscious on the road in front of the bar. His face was covered in blood from a severe facial wound.

The tourist was given first aid and brought back to consciousness. He refused to go to the hospital and “rested at the bar.” In the process, it turned out that the tourist, named Mikhail, came from Russia.

In the meantime, the police found out the details. As the owner of the bar finally admitted,

53-year-old Jane, she attacked the Russian, claims that the Russian entered her bar already drunk, ordered alcohol worth 60 baht, but refused to pay. In addition, the tourist made a scandal in the bar and was the first to hit the owner of the bar in the face. One of the bar employees also confirmed the testimony – according to him, the Russian was very drunk and tried to flirt with the girls in the bar, but everyone ignored him.

As a result, the Pattaya Patrol Police issued a warning to the owner of the bar, “so that she attacked foreign tourists because it damages Pattaya's reputation.” As a result, they drove to the station together – the owner of the bar and the tourist Mikhail “for further interrogation.” The police vowed to “ensure justice for both sides.”

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