Drunk Russian tourist went berserk and smashed a bar at a popular resort

Drunk Russian tourist went berserk and trashed a bar in a popular resort

In Thailand, a drunken Russian tourist failed to pay his bill at a go-go bar in Pattaya, where tourists come to watch striptease and not only. The man flew into a rage, beat the guard and knocked out the glass door. According to The Thaiger, the incident took place on the night of July 28.

Around 2:30 a.m. at the police station in the resort of Pattaya in Thailand, a call came from the Dolls bar: managers complained about a drunk and aggressive guest who refused to pay the bill and used force against employees. According to the establishment's security guard, the man arrived earlier in the evening and drank several cocktails totaling 900 baht (more than 1,500 rubles). As a result, the man became very drunk by the time it was time to pay.

When the staff asked him to pay, he took out a bundle of banknotes from his pocket, mostly 20 baht (about 35 rubles), and tried to count the total amount – he had about 500 baht (850 rubles) with him. The staff insisted that he had to pay the remaining 400 baht for the drink and that's when the customer snapped.

According to the report of the 58-year-old “bouncer” to the Pattaya police, the 25-year-old Russian pushed the staff away and decided to make an emergency escape, heading for the entrance. The publication suggested that a drunken brawler might not have noticed the glass door or imagined himself to be a person with superpowers to pass through the glass without consequences. Superpower was not confirmed – the man broke through the door and cut his left hand in several places.

The guard tried to stop the man outside, but he continued to resist, punching the guard in the face and breaking his lip. The managers then called the police. Upon arrival, law enforcement officers tracked down a drunken Russian tourist on the street and detained him.

Returning to reality, the Russian realized that his escape had failed and he was facing punishment from a harsh Thai court. Therefore, he decided to negotiate damages with the owner of the establishment, which he defeated. He also tried to talk to the security guard he had beaten.

However, neither the owner nor the beaten guard wanted to put up with the offender directly and insisted that the resort police take care of the matter. The owners are awaiting compensation for a broken glass door and an injured employee. Police said the sober man offered no further explanation other than his apparent intoxication and lack of cash. His further fate is still unknown.

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