Drunk tourist attacked airport staff and headbutted police officer before flying to resort

Drunk tourist attacked airport staff and headbutted a police officer before flying to the resort

A verdict has been handed down in the case of a drunken foreign tourist, who was previously recorded by the British police. The man attacked the airport staff and hit the police officer with his head before flying on vacation in Tenerife. In the near future, the air brawler will have to rest at public works.

According to the Daily Star, the incident occurred on May 18, 2022 at Leeds Bradford Airport, when airport employees, following safety instructions, decided to deny an excessively drunk passenger a flight to the Spanish island of Tenerife. The staff of the British low-cost airline Jet2 witnessed how 45-year-old Robert Smith, having heard a denied boarding, knocked over a bar stool and resolutely headed for the exit. Then he began to protest aggressively, while claiming that he was sober, repeatedly crashed into several glass panels on the way to the plane. using handcuffs. However, one law enforcement officer suffered more than the rest – a tourist hit him with his head so hard that the latter had to be taken to a police van in a wheelchair.

Phil Ward, who operates Jet2, said of the incident: “Destructive passenger behavior can lead to very serious consequences, such as blacklisting and financial penalties, and, as this case proves, severe legal action.”

Meanwhile, Sergeant Ann Haydock of West Yorkshire Police said disruptive behavior like Smith's “could pose a potential risk to the safety of the aircraft, as well as cause the aircraft to veer off course, causing significant inconvenience and cost.”< /p>

During a court hearing on January 30, a sober Briton admitted to assaulting several employees. In addition to an eight-month jail sentence suspended for a year, he was ordered to do 250 hours of community service and be ordered to pay £120 (10,300 rubles) in compensation for each of the victims. There were three of them.

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