Drunk tourist in Thailand had brazen Christmas sex with a woman in public and was put on the wanted list

Drunk tourist in Thailand had brazen Christmas sex with a woman in public and was put on the wanted list

Thai police are looking for a tourist believed to be British after he had brazen Christmas sex with a prostitute in public. The witness, who turned out to be a 50-year-old local bum, described him as a “disgusting foreigner.”

The British traveler, who has not yet been identified, was having fun in the famous entertainment city of Pattaya on the east coast of Thailand, the Daily Star reported. The incident is believed to have taken place around 4:00 am local time. According to the description, the drunken traveler is young, with short blond hair. The witness could not remember anything else. The police are currently investigating and reviewing available security cameras.

“They sat and did this for 30 minutes. They didn't care about passing cars. The couple could even see that I was watching them, but they were too drunk to worry about it, ”said the homeless man. As it turned out, the friend of the Thai bum was not at a loss, but filmed a Christmas couple having sex.

“I heard the man talking. He was definitely from England. They finished, then talked, and he gave her (the girl) something. I think it was money. Then she left. I'm tired of disgusting foreigners who treat my city like a trash can,” he said.

According to police officer Yuttapol Bunkerd, the troublemaker is now wanted by the police. Here is what he left for the media: “We have received information that he may be British, but we will not know for sure until we find him. There are many cameras in the area that we are reviewing to confirm that the crime was committed on that day and time. Both of them are easy to find.”

It's no secret that Thai Pattaya has a reputation for partying and partying. Lately, there has been a concerted effort by the local authorities to make the resort more family-friendly.

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