During a terrible storm in Antalya, a plane with tourists was struck by lightning

During a terrible storm in Antalya, a plane with tourists was struck by lightning

Lightning struck a Turkish Airlines plane during landing in the main resort province of Antalya . The moment was captured on video by terrified passengers.

According to TRT Haber, lightning hit the liner flying on the Istanbul-Antalya route when a powerful storm, estimated by weather forecasters at 9 points, passed in the southern Turkish city and its environs. The wind speed reached 90 km/h in some places. It is known that none of the passengers and crew members were injured. As noted by the publication, some planes experienced difficulties landing, so they were forced to circle in the air.

At the same time, on the famous coast of Konyaalti, waves reached a height of up to five meters and hit the beach with violent force, and in Antalya the authorities declared an orange alert. As soon as the storm calmed down a bit, air traffic was reopened at the airport.

According to the statement of the 4th regional department, the highest wind speed over the past 24 hours was recorded at the Kemer-Syglyk lighthouse at a speed of 153 km/h. The wind speed reached 100 km/h in Konyaalti New Port and 95 km/h in Muratpasa. Powerful winds reaching 110 km/h also tore down signs in Isparta, a popular tourist town in the west of the republic. As a result of the rampant elements and the fall of the sign, one person was injured, he was hospitalized.

According to the forecast of meteorologists, a strong storm and precipitation in the city subsided only after midnight, and on Saturday they will rage in the eastern regions of Antalya.

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