Earthquake in the resorts of Egypt: a seismologist predicted the next place of devastating aftershocks

Earthquake in the resorts of Egypt: a seismologist predicted the next place of destructive shocks

Another popular tourist destination was “threatened” with a natural disaster. Dutch seismologist Frank Hougerbits, 55, predicted on his YouTube channel that Egypt, as well as Lebanon, would be the next location for devastating aftershocks. According to him, it is based on a study of the vulnerability of both areas to seismic activity.

“I can’t determine if this will happen next week, in the next five or ten years,” said Hoogerbits. However, he stated that it was the peak of the “full moon”, which occurred on February 9-10, that caused strong tremors. According to him, “seismic activity can spread towards Lebanon and further to Egypt.

We add, however, that there are also skeptical assessments about the forecaster's calculations. So the Lebanese Seismological Center stated that the author was disseminating false information for the purpose of “hype”. On the other hand, Egypt can hardly be called a seismically safe place.

Indeed, the “historical experience” of earthquakes in Egypt in relatively modern times dates back to 1859. Then a terrible earthquake on October 12 – the strength of which at the epicenter reached 8.3 points according to studies – “swept” throughout the Mediterranean. On the island of Crete, where the epicenter was located, the consequences were terrible, and it was felt from Italy to the Middle East and North Africa. Cairo was also under attack – buildings were destroyed there, blockages formed in the canals, at least 10 people died – probably significantly more, but normal statistics are not available. Alexandria and other settlements on the coast also suffered.

Almost a century later, in September 1959, the Alexandria earthquake with a force of 6.3 points was recorded: then almost 500 houses were destroyed, 18 dead and about 30 injured were counted. Further, in 1969, the new Egyptian resort, Sharm el-Sheikh, “shook” at that time. The next seismic disaster occurred almost in our time, in 1992, the so-called earthquake in Dahshur or the Cairo earthquake. The power was only 5.8 points, but the main destruction occurred in the densely populated suburbs of Cairo and neighboring provinces. As a result, 561 dead and over 12 thousand injured.

So, in general, Egypt has something to worry about. Cairo itself, and Sharm el-Sheikh, are located in the fault zone, as is the “risk” Antalya – read the material “Turkey hit again: Antalya authorities warned tourists.” By the way, the Red Sea, beloved by our tourists, is also considered a seismic zone.

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