Economists do not belong here: opinions are divided about using the business class toilet on the plane

Economists don't belong here: opinions are divided about using a business class toilet on an airplane

Frequent flyer of one of the European airlines complained on the pages of the Reddit forum about the fact that economy class tourists use business class toilets on his flights. The man said that the presence of “housekeepers” in the VIP bathroom is unhygienic and unacceptable. Naturally, the opinions of travelers on this matter were divided, and it is clear by what criterion…

The tourist insisted that he was not an “elite” passenger, but at the same time argued that the situation when passengers occupying the back rows of the aircraft using the toilets in front of the airliner was not the norm. However, few people agreed with his indignation on the forum, on the contrary, a significant part of the users fell into a stupor from such a discriminatory, in their opinion, statement (but it is obvious that these were mostly economy class customers).

“For many years the curtains were drawn and the flight attendants were very strict about using the toilets in other classes than the one in which the passenger was flying. I now have the opportunity and good fortune to fly business class frequently – and I've noticed that all the past days of flying, the toilets in my class seemed to be free for absolutely everyone. I recently flew on several flights where there was a bathroom queue in first/business class caused by economy class passengers. They were just people who were just walking forward, deciding to use the business class restrooms. Have the rules changed? I am not an elite on this issue – it is more a matter of hygiene, since one of the advantages of a more expensive ticket is supposed to be a reduction in traffic in the toilet, ”the same tourist posted this reasoning with an open question to the flight attendants.

Here are examples of flight attendants’ responses to a traveler’s post: “If people need to use the toilet, they go there”, “We are advisers on an airliner, not security officials”, “When I am in business/first class, I kindly ask passengers to use the toilet in the appropriate class . If they listen, it's amazing, if not, it's also amazing. I'm not going to get into an argument over the toilet.” As you can see, flight attendants do not hold tight to the defense of toilets in premium classes, some even turned out to be very loyal to budget tourists.

However, one of the flight attendants stood up for the author of the post: “I don’t understand the negative answers that you received before so far. Personally, I hate it when my forward galley is crowded with people waiting to enter the toilet.”

If you really want, you can

For example, aviation expert Irene King previously explained that while economy class passengers should not normally use business and first class toilets, this is not a rule that is set in stone. “You pay for what you get, but there are exceptions, especially if there is an urgent need,” she said. In other words, there seems to be a segregation rule, but in exceptional cases, airline staff turn a blind eye to it.

In addition, former flight attendant Kat Kamalani, known for aviation videos on TikTok, also explained that passengers can get the privilege of the first class without actually being there. In one of her videos, she soothingly said: “Everyone always thinks they can’t use the first class toilet, but you can. As long as the plane is not taking off or landing, you can freely use their toilet.

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