Economy class passengers told when they can use first class toilets on planes

Economy class passengers have been advised when they can use first class toilets on aircraft

Economy class passengers are only allowed to use business class or first class toilets in exceptional cases. Aviation expert Irene King told more about this.

Waiting in line for an economy class toilet is not tolerated by many tourists who occupy cheap seats, some of them try to sneak into a higher class toilet. According to the specialist, although economy class passengers should not usually use other people's restrooms, in fact this is not some kind of unshakable rule.

human physiology. “You pay for what you get, but there are exceptions, especially if there is an urgent need,” she said.

The second – to slip past the flight attendants unnoticed – is also a good option, according to the interlocutor. “The crew members responsible for a particular area usually call colleagues if they are aware of passengers moving between classes. In some cases, of course, the passenger simply decides to go where he wants to go. However, moving between segmented classes by plane is not recommended,” the aviation expert added.

However, former flight attendant Kat Kamalani, known for her flight videos, also explained that passengers can get first class privileges without even being physically present. She went into more detail in one of her TikTok videos: “Everyone always thinks you can't use a first class toilet, but you can. As long as you don't land or take off, you can freely use their restroom.”

Another sure way to access first class restrooms is to upgrade to business or first class without paying. As noted by the flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote on the popular Reddit forum that passengers can increase their chances if they adhere to a high culture of communication with staff, and also help fellow travelers in lifting hand luggage, etc. if possible. “Perhaps we will be kinder to you when we see that you are experiencing difficulties, for example, 2-meter men are sitting in cramped economy class seats, and a very annoying person is sitting next to you,” she wrote.

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