Egypt announced a new danger for tourists: Turkey is next

Egypt announced a new danger for tourists: Turkey is next

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned tourists about the peak of the heat wave this weekend and early next week: residents and tourists are in real danger. The temperature in the resorts of Egypt and Cairo can go over 40 degrees. Tourists are advised to avoid direct sunlight, drink cold drinks, wear hats, loose and light-colored clothing and don't forget sunscreen. However, almost all the resorts of the Mediterranean are under the impact of a heat wave, but especially the resorts of Spain, but the heat from the Sahara also goes towards the Eastern Mediterranean – tourists on the coast of Greece and Turkey are under the threat of heatstroke – there are especially many Russian vacationers in the latter.

“The peak of the heatwave will peak in excess of 40 degrees Celsius in most areas across the country and up to 45 degrees Celsius in southern Upper Egypt,” Pyramid country meteorologists said. In Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, the temperature will reach 43 degrees Celsius – and this is already the Mediterranean.

According to the weather forecast, it will be hottest in Sharm el-Sheikh – there this weekend the thermometer will show no less than +42 °C The water in the sea warmed up to +26°C. During the week, the heat will loosen its grip a little, but it will get colder very moderately – the temperature will not drop below +36°C.

It is worth noting, however, that the weather is too hot – the so-called heat wave – is not only in Egypt . First of all, tourists are warned about the heat on the Spanish resort islands: in Mallorca, the degree also confidently exceeds + 40 ° C. The next “in line” are the resorts of southern Italy, Greece, and most importantly, Turkey, where the heat is expected in the coming days.

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