Egypt began to intimidate Russian tourists with one obvious goal

Egypt began to intimidate Russian tourists with one obvious goal

Another “horror story” for Russian tourists, which was invented in Egypt with one obvious goal, was cited in her blog on Yandex.Zen by a Russian tourist who visited Egypt. In her words, the cunning “managers” of the hosting Egyptian travel agencies “came up with a new trick to lure gullible Russian tourists to an optional meeting with a hotel guide.” The main goal is obvious – to sell as many excursions as possible at exorbitant prices to tourists at this meeting. Moreover, “the events in Ukraine were dragged in here for credibility,” the blogger adds.

According to her, as soon as she managed to fly to Hurghada, right on the way from the airport to the hotel, “the transfer guide, with a frightened look, began to tell that security measures have changed in Egypt.”

The quote, which the blogger cited almost verbatim, stated that “in connection with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in Egypt, security measures have changed.” “All Russian tourists who flew to Egypt now need to meet with a hotel guide so that there are no problems during the return flight. The guide must take a photo of your voucher and hand it over to the police. If during the return flight, already at the airport, it turns out that the photo of the voucher was not transferred, you may have problems up to the point that they will not be allowed to leave Egypt, ”they lied directly to the eyes of the tourists during the transfer.

< p> As the blogger stated, she herself never goes to meetings with a guide, since “they are only needed to sell excursions that cost twice as much as similar ones ordered via the Internet from local companies.” And this time, the tourist decided to follow the tradition, “not believing in this nonsense.”

And she did the right thing, the blogger adds. Since “I did not have any problems during the return flight.” At the same time, on excursions from a local company, she met tourists who bought the same excursions from representatives of tour operators, but at 30% more expensive.

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