Egypt declares state of emergency at famous landmark

A state of emergency has been declared at a famous landmark in Egypt

A state of emergency has been declared at a famous landmark in Egypt – we are talking about the city and monastery of St. Catherine in South Sinai, where a huge number of tourists pass. There, starting from Monday, after the arrival of Khamsin, a constant strong wind, sandstorms and rains are recorded. In anticipation of heavy rainfall, which is highly unusual in the area, the local authorities have declared a state of emergency.

Ali Abdel Maqsoud, vice president of the city of St. Catherine, so far covered the city with only light rain that lasted 15 minutes and while it has not escalated into heavy rains, the risk remains. It was in anticipation of heavy rains that he said a state of emergency was declared and “all precautions will be taken to counter any emergency.”

Drivers, especially “international participants”, were urged to “exercise caution, caution and deliberation when driving “. They are warned that due to strong winds with sand, visibility does not exceed 100 meters, in places there are also accumulations of sand on both sides of the roads. They try to follow the speed limit.
Strong winds and thunderstorms also promise in the Red Sea province, where the resort of Hurghada is located. At the same time, in Sharm el-Sheikh itself, the forecast is quite “summer” without any troubles – tourists are promised clear sunny weather and + 24-28 degrees until the end of the week.

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