Egypt officially announced: 3 days left until the end of summer, then the weather will change dramatically

Egypt officially announced: there are 3 days left until the end of summer, then the weather will change dramatically

Until the end of summer three days left, then “weather” autumn will begin in Egypt. However, tourists most likely will not notice this, since hot weather “over thirty” and quite comfortable night temperatures will continue in the resorts. But on excursion destinations – in Cairo, where the famous pyramids are located, as well as in the south in Luxor, where the Valley of the Pharaohs is located, it will become cooler.

Thus, officially the Egyptian Meteorological Administration (EMA) reported that the temperature will be continue to decline in most parts of Egypt, and low clouds with strong winds can also be expected during the night hours. Mohamed Ali Fahim, head of the Center for Climate Change, voiced the weather changes that will occur in the autumn: “heat waves” will stop and daytime temperatures will gradually decrease; air humidity will increase, the temperature difference between day and night will increase, while the lowest temperature will be in the early morning.

Nevertheless, so far the “autumn” in the resorts of Egypt is very comfortable. The heat “over forty” subsided, in Hurghada in the next week the temperature is expected to drop from only +33 to +31, at night it is comfortable +24-26 degrees, the water temperature is +28. It's even hotter in Sharm el-Sheikh – +34-36 and +26 at night.

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