Egypt raised prices: Russians were warned about the new cost of holidays in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh

Egypt raised prices: Russians warned about the new cost of holidays in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh< /p> Prices for tours to Egypt, compared with February, have already increased from 20 to 50% – such a statement on the pages of Izvestia was voiced by their correspondent, who went to Sharm el-Sheikh on an I Fly flight, i.e. with tour operator Tez Tour. Demand for the destination, however, is growing, and soon a fourth will join the three tour operators that have already opened programs in Egypt.

Recall that the charter chain to Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada was launched by the Tez Tour tour operator on May 28 on A330 aircraft with a capacity of 378 seats. During the summer season, I Fly will fly from Vnukovo on Wednesdays and Saturdays to Sharm El Sheikh and on Thursdays and Sundays to Hurghada. This will allow transporting up to 6.5 thousand tourists per month. As the experts of the tour operator Tez Tour commented, the share of Egypt in the overall structure of the company's sales has reached 20% in just a week and a half since the renovation of Egypt.

However, so far the number of flights is extremely small – in addition to Tez, EgyptAir and Red Wings also fly to Egypt, carrying tourists from Fun & Sun (formerly TUI) and Biblio Globus tour operators. Accordingly, prices in the direction are higher than pre-sanction ones – they increased by 20-50% compared to February. A week of rest in the “four” costs from 50 thousand rubles per person, in February these prices were 40-43 thousand – the correspondent of the publication said. “The cost of tours in June increased by 20-50% compared to February. This is due to both sharp fluctuations in exchange rates and limited supply on the foreign market – demand is now higher than supply. The shortage of flights also plays a role. Because of this, the traditionally cheaper vacation in Egypt in the summer season has become more expensive than in spring and autumn,” Tez Tour representatives commented.

Also, the road instead of the previous 4-4.5 hours is about 7. Saved by Egypt and covid restrictions – you need either a vaccination certificate, or a PCR test or an antigen test. However, this does not particularly scare tourists away: the board flew away “without a single free seat,” the author of Izvestia noted. He also noted that there are no particularly vigilant checks in Egypt – they ask for documents at the check-in desk back in Russia, there are no checks upon arrival. But the visa fee in the amount of $25 in cash was returned in Hurghada: demand is high.

Recall that in the near future the return to Egypt was also announced by the Pegas Touristik tour operator. The program starts on June 13th. Read more here.

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