Egypt was thrown into the sale for 100 thousand rubles for two per week in a 5-star hotel

Egypt was thrown into the sale for 100 thousand rubles for two per week in a 5-star hotel< /p>A large Russian tour operator Anex-Tour has updated the prices for package tours to Egyptian resorts on direct flights to Egypt in the first half of September and now offers those who wish to fly to the Red Sea resorts on the wings of Egypt Air at special prices. For example, a 7-day vacation in a five-star all-inclusive hotel will cost less than 100 thousand rubles for two. Details about which hotels are most often chosen by Russian tourists, ATOR reported.

A special price tag for tours with departures from Moscow to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh appeared in the booking system of the tour operator at the start of the block flight program: from September 3rd to September 18th inclusive.

Here are the price targets:

  • Sharm El Sheikh Resort: a five-star hotel with an all-inclusive service system with a departure on September 10 starts from 98 thousand rubles for two, including fuel surcharge. A ticket with a departure 10 days later will cost 128,000 rubles for two people, including the fuel surcharge.
  • A trip with departure from Moscow on September 10, but to a four-star hotel looks even more attractive: prices start at 93 thousand rubles for two tourists. Analysts gave an example: only tickets for a direct flight of an Egyptian airline bought on ticket aggregators will cost 100 thousand rubles.
  • Hurghada Resort: a week-long vacation in a five-star hotel with the same food system and departure on September 7 will cost 100'100 rubles. For a tour for two with a departure on September 21, tourists will pay 135 thousand rubles.

The appearance of the special offer is connected with the close launch of the flight program, Anex-Tour explained. “Our block program was announced recently, less than two weeks left before it starts. Perhaps travel agents and tourists are not yet aware of this product. It is no secret that some part of the audience will even wait for the actual start of flights. To attract the attention of all target audiences and encourage bookings, we have made such a special offer. The cost in the first two weeks is significantly lower, and you can fly to Egypt for a vacation for less than 100 thousand rubles. for two. However, every day there are fewer and fewer tours at such prices, over the past two days sales have gone up significantly, ”the publication quoted Alena Khitrova, head of the ANEX Tour public relations department, as saying.

Demand for tours for the November holidays

“According to ANEX Tour experts, most of the bookings in the Egyptian direction now fall on September arrivals, and there are already applications for the November and even New Year holidays. The tour operator also reminded that it is possible to transfer funds from canceled applications to Egypt and Turkey for tours on block transportation to Egypt. In addition, as part of the ANEX Tour block program, there is a choice between economy and business classes. The cost of a flight in economy class includes baggage of 20 kg,” experts said.

Which hotels in Egypt are booked more often?

Russian tourists have preferences for hotels in the land of the pyramids. These are five- and four-star hotels, ANEX Tour told and gave a breakdown of prices for two for these hotel facilities.

Booking rating in Hurghada:

  1. Long Beach Resort Hurghada (Ex. Hilton Long Beach Resort) 4* – from RUB 103'100
  2. Albatros Aqua Blu Resort Hurghada 4* – from RUB 112'700
  3. Hawaii Riviera Resort & Aqua Park 5* – from 101'800 rubles.
  4. Titanic Resort & Aqua Park Hurghada 4 * – from 115'000 rubles.

Rating of bookings in Sharm El Sheikh:

  1. Beach Albatros Sharm El Sheikh 4* – from 112'800 rubles .
  2. Il Mercato Hotel & Spa Sharm El Sheikh 5 * – from 98'000 rubles.
  3. Continental Plaza Beach & Aqua Park Resort Sharm El Sheikh 5* – from RUB 98'000
  4. Rixos Sharm El Sheikh (Adult Only 18+) 5* – from RUB 185'000

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