Egypt's main resort imposes strict new rules after tourists die

Egypt's main resort introduces stricter new rules after tourist deaths

Hurghada sets stricter “beach” laws after the death of two tourists from shark bites. Basically, these rules will affect all marine activities – from diving to fishing, and also regulate the work of lifeguards on the beaches. The rules are introduced after a series of attacks by wild sharks in the Gulf of Sahl Hasheesh, in the south of Hurghada.

Recall, the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment more than a week ago announced the cessation of marine activities in the Sahl Hasheesh area in Hurghada, as well as the closure of all beaches after two women were attacked by sharks. On Friday, a shark attacked a bathing tourist in the very south of Hurghada in the Sahl Hasheesh Bay area, right on the beach of a luxury hotel. As a result of the predator's attack, she received terrible injuries – the shark bit off her arm and leg. The victim was taken to the hospital, but it was too late: according to Egyptian media, the woman died from her wounds. They also clarified that the deceased is not a Russian woman, a tourist from the EU, a citizen of Austria. She was the first victim of a marine predator. Later it became known about the second attacked and dead tourist – a citizen of Romania. Egypt has declared shark attacks as dangerous as terrorist attacks. Read the details at the link.

As a result, the governor of the Red Sea province introduced emergency measures. In particular, all maritime activities are prohibited at the resort unless they are licensed. This includes diving, snorkeling and fishing. As experts explain, it was unlicensed excursions that often brought tourists to places fraught with predator attacks.

The second paragraph of the rules – all hotels along the Red Sea coast were required to provide a sufficient number of qualified lifeguards with the necessary courses and certificates. Recall that eyewitnesses of the tragic incident with the Austrian tourist – including Russian tourists – complained about the extremely slow work of rescue services.

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