Electricity was cut off in Antalya hotel for debts: tourists are shocked and staged a riot

Electricity was cut off in Antalya hotel for debts: tourists are shocked and staged a riot

A 4-star hotel in the resort province of Antalya in Turkey has been cut off electricity due to a huge debt. At the time of the outage, tourists were resting in the hotel. After that, some guests left the rooms, not wanting to remain in shocking conditions, others rioted so that the owner of the hotel would return their money.

According to Sozcu, the outage occurred on September 2 at 17:00 in a 4-star hotel in the tourist center of Manavgat. The hotel has accumulated a debt for electricity in the amount of 300 thousand lira (in ruble terms, this is 993.5 thousand). It was specified that brigades of gendarmes were sent to the hotel.

About 150 local and foreign holidaymakers staying at the hotel packed their bags and were forced to leave. Some of the employees also left the problematic object, the rest of the staff tried to contact the owner of the hotel.

Vacationers at the hotel contacted the employees of the agency company to solve the problem. Representatives of travel agencies also arrived at the hotel and tried to reassure the guests.

Thus, one of the guests managed to get through to the owner of the hotel. During the conversation, the tourist demanded to return to him the money that he paid for staying at the hotel (26.5 thousand rubles). However, the owner of the hotel stated that he was abroad and trying to solve the problem. “I have three children,” the owner tried to put pressure on pity. “I also have a child. I will put him to sleep in the car in front of your hotel,” the traveler declared. Another vacationer also demanded to return his money (about 37 thousand rubles) as compensation.

After 8 hours, on the initiative of the prefect Manavgat, at 01:00 am, the electricity in the hotel was restored.

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