Emirates Pilot Discovers the Secret to the Only Airplane Window That Can Be Opened

An Emirates pilot discovered the secret of the only plane window that can be opened

Aircraft have a secret window that can be opened. However, only pilots can do this, not passengers. Christian Baker, who has worked as a pilot for Emirates for almost 20 years, shared the details with Sun Online Travel.
He explained that there are many windows on board, but only one opens – located in his cockpit, which they can open for a number of reasons. “The only windows that open on an airplane are in the cockpit,” he explained.

They are mainly used in emergency situations when pilots need to leave the cockpit. However, they are also allowed to open the window in other ground situations. “We open the window to get some fresh air on the ground since we don't have air conditioning. We can open them to attract the attention of ground personnel if they are not connected to the headset, ”the pilot added. He also said that not only pilots have the ability to open windows, but also engineers who clean the cockpit, although special equipment must be used to ensure safety.

In addition, the interlocutor explained why he and his colleagues turn on the “fasten seat belts” sign even when there is no turbulence. “The reason is that we often get information from other aircraft on the same route reporting stormy weather ahead, and we have advanced weather radar that indicates any potential turbulence. Therefore, the sign about fastening the seat belt is included in the interests of passenger safety,” the expert said.

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