Europe has published 13 rules of conduct for tourists on nude beaches

13 rules of behavior for tourists on nude beaches published in Europe

Thirteen rules for tourists who want to relax and unwind on nude beaches in Europe have been published by British experts. These rules concern both general safety precautions – such as recommendations not to forget sunscreen and keep an eye on things – and specific rules for lovers and beginners of naked rest. For example, you shouldn't confuse a nudist beach with sex tourism.

All 13 rules look like this:

  1. Make sure you are actually on a nude beach. As a rule, such beaches are clearly marked both on the maps and on the signs on the beach itself. In any case, it's best to make sure you're wearing one before getting rid of your beach suit. At the same time, experts advise, if anything, to look at the costumes of others … but it’s better to look at the official plates. “Some people may be as ignorant as you are, and you could all end up in trouble,” experts warn. As a reminder, for being “in kind” on beaches that are not intended for that, in some countries you can get a large fine.
  2. Do not cover yourself with clothes: “If you came to a nude beach, you must accept nudity and release your bans,” experts write. Therefore, there is no need to hide behind a pareo or removed outerwear. However, there are “optional clothes” beaches where this rule does not work.
  3. Don't take photos: The expected advice is that outsiders are generally not very good at photographing, and nude beach goers also “love their privacy, even if they're naked in front of the rest of their beach party.” Experts advise not even taking selfies – you never know where the pictures can “float away”.
  4. Get ready: Typically, a nude beach is located in a remote location, off the beaten track. As a result, the usual beach infrastructure is usually not there – and it is better to take everything you need with you – this British experts include a lot of water, snacks, a towel, a beach cover, an umbrella from rain and sun, etc. They also recommend taking care of a first aid kit, just in case.
  5. Don't stare at others: “You're all equal and nudity is the norm, so there's nothing to look at. In addition to being just rude, looking at others on a nude beach is strongly discouraged,” say experts.
  6. Use sunscreen: on a nude beach, your entire body is exposed to the sun, and sunburn in “delicate places » especially unpleasant.
  7. Avoid barbecue: In the English-speaking world, this is one of the favorite pastimes on the beaches, but experts say, in addition to being a risk factor for forest fires and pollution, the risk of burns on a nude beach is also increased, they assure.
  8. Do not pester others with conversations: “Even if you are a self-confident soul, you should not approach people and comment on how good their naked body looks – this may seem a little strange,” experts write.
  9. Respect your privacy: The advice applies to any beach – make sure you give enough space to those around you. “No one wants to wake up during a sunbath from being stepped over,” the advisers explain.
  10. Sex on the beach is forbidden: “do not think that just because you can get naked on a nude beach, you can take your relationship to the next level,” British experts write. And they are reminded that in many resorts – including nude beaches – you can easily get fined or even arrested for sexual activities in public.
  11. Dress before you leave: tourists are reminded that it is acceptable and safe to be naked be “within a small nude beach”. But outside of it, no one will appreciate the “natural form” of a tourist – especially the police.
  12. Don't be an exhibitionist – advice that doesn't need much explanation.
  13. Keep an eye on your belongings: anything can happen , including on a nudist beach. Moreover, the places, as a rule, are remote from civilization and there are all sorts of visitors. And to find out that the bag has been taken away, including with all the clothes, in this case it is separately unpleasant. So tourists are advised to keep an eye on things, leave them under supervision – and vacationers alone are even advised to bring a waterproof bag where you can put all your things and take them with you to the sea.

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