European countries began to ban the entry of Russians with a Schengen visa

European countries have begun to ban Russians with a Schengen visa from entering

Gateway to Europe for Russian tourists through Tallinn Airport has been closed after all. The Estonian Foreign Ministry announced the closure of the borders for Russians, and the authorities at the border began to prohibit the entry of Russians with a Schengen visa. We are talking about tourists with a Schengen visa previously issued to them by Estonia itself – what to do with the rest of the visas is not yet clear.

“In a week, a sanction will be applied to Schengen visas issued by Estonia. Restrictions will be imposed on holders of visas from Russia, they will be prohibited from entering Estonia, ”said Urmas Reinsalu, Foreign Minister of the country.

The sanctions will definitely affect tourists – including, with chances, those who used Estonia as a “transit point” on the way to Europe – through the flights of European low-cost airlines from Tallinn. What will happen to their return trip is still an open question.

Exceptions are made only for specialists of diplomatic missions in Estonia, members of their families, as well as truckers. Family members and holders of a residence permit in Estonia are also allowed to enter. “Russians in need of humanitarian assistance” are also named as a separate category.

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