Everyone has debts and they are huge: the amount owed to Russian tourists is announced

Everyone has debts and they are huge: the amount owed to Russian tourists has been announced

Almost all tour operators in Russia currently owe tourists, and the total amount of debt is simply enormous – it reaches 40 billion rubles. This information was announced by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova. Moreover, tour operators will be able to somehow repay this debt only when popular mass foreign destinations are opened, the official added.

“A huge debt has formed in foreign directions. The debt of tour operators to tourists for paid and canceled tours abroad after February 24 reaches 40 billion rubles, ”Interfax quoted Ms. Doguzova as saying. directions will be open. “No other way. Because this money has already been paid to service providers, paid for in hotels, for some excursions, and so on. The amount is huge, 40 billion, in fact, we currently have a debt of tour operators to tourists, ”she emphasized at a meeting of the Committee on Tourism and the Development of Tourism Infrastructure of the State Duma.

According to the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, “air sanctions” and the closure of borders were also imposed on coronavirus debts – which, by the way, were slightly higher – up to 44 billion rubles. However, the gradual normalization of the situation led to the fact that by February 2022 the debt was reduced to 6.5 billion rubles. However, due to air sanctions and other consequences, a new debt was formed after February 24.

“In the current situation, the fulfillment of obligations to tourists is possible only if a large number of foreign destinations are opened. Rostourism is working to expand flights with friendly countries that are ready to receive Russian tourists and ensure their safety, and in this context, some additional support for air transport is needed,” added Zarina Doguzova. Recall that the priority task at the moment is to expand transportation to Turkey. What was discussed at the meeting of the State Duma Committee. Read the details here.

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