Everyone is in shock: the Russians are fleeing to Turkey, and the Turks are leaving the country en masse

Everyone is in shock: the Russians are fleeing to Turkey, and the Turks are leaving the country en masse

A shocking topic with multidirectional trends was presented to the public by the Turkish newspaper Turizm Gazetesi : according to experts, Russians fleeing to Turkey took first place there in terms of the number of those who received a residence permit. At the same time, the Turks themselves are leaving their country en masse, and asylum applications submitted by Turkish citizens to the EU countries have broken all records.

In total, according to the newspaper, only with official permission in Turkey at the moment there are 1.3 million people from different countries, including Germans, British, Scandinavians, as well as Russians and Ukrainians. At the same time, in 2005 the number of foreigners with a residence permit was only 179 thousand, and it exceeded one million in the “pre-Covid” 2019.

At the same time, the Turks themselves are fleeing en masse from the country, the publication adds. Thus, according to the data of the European Union Asylum Agency (EUAA), only in November 105,970 asylum applications were submitted from Turkey to the EU countries, Norway and Switzerland, and Turkey took the third place in this list. 8.3 thousand applications were received from there. Only such “prosperous” countries as Syria, with almost 18,000 applications, and Afghanistan, with almost 15,000, overtook Turkey. Colombia and Venezuela follow on the list. True, as European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson noted, “many of these people do not need international protection.” Recall that, according to international law, protection must be provided to those who risk persecution, sexual violence, torture, discrimination and inhuman treatment in their own country.

They flee from Turkey and to the United States, and illegally. In 2022, 24,000 Turkish citizens were “recorded” in the US as refugees who made their way across the Mexican border. It should be noted that in 2021 this number did not reach 5 thousand. So the numbers are really growing.

As for those who, on the contrary, “flock” to Turkey, here, as already mentioned, in the first place Russians. The full list of how many people from which country now have a residence permit in Turkey is as follows:

  1. Russia 154'297
  2. Iraq 130'643
  3. Turkmenistan 115'279
  4. Syria 99'663
  5. Iran 94'656
  6. Azerbaijan 68'612
  7. Uzbekistan 59'970< /li>
  8. Afghanistan 51'707
  9. Ukraine 47'236
  10. Kazakhstan 45'638
  11. Other 487'452

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