Everything is crowded and expensive: in Antalya, they announced the filling of hotels and raising prices

Everything is crowded and expensive: in Antalya, they announced the filling of hotels and raising prices

The occupancy of hotels in the province of Antalya has reached an unprecedented rate in recent years – 90% of the places for July have been sold out. This figure was recorded in the popular resort city of Alanya, famous for Cleopatra Beach and a medieval fortress. At the same time, the Turks warned of an increase in prices in the market, explaining this by an increase in costs due to the events in Ukraine. Now Turkey has become even more expensive for Russian tourists, they will have to try to find free rooms at adequate prices.

According to Burhan Chili, president of the Association of Tourist Hotel Operators of Alanya, hoteliers see demand and expect that in the coming two months both with foreign demand and with demand in the domestic market in the resort region will be in full order.

According to him, tourist sites in Alanya closed June with 60% occupancy, and in the coming July, bookings reached a 90% occupancy level. This was largely due to the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday. In connection with its celebration, nine days of vacation have been announced. This means that Turks from all over the country flock to the coastal regions of Turkey.

Here is the comment of ALTID President Burhan Chile in this regard: “Since the number of holidays has increased to 9 days, the time spent by tourists in hotels will also increase. This year, demand from the domestic market has not decreased. In times of crisis or normal times, our main market is domestic tourists. We are receiving very serious requests. Demand in the domestic market in the region averages 30%, which is directly proportional to the habits of holidaymakers in Turkey both during the holiday period and from June 15 to August 30.

A Turkish official warned of rising costs due to events around Ukraine. In order not to suffer losses, hoteliers raised prices. “This year, due to the Ukrainian situation, we will raise prices for the domestic and foreign markets. We expect that by the end of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the price tag will return to the average. In the meantime, we must offer cautious prices and act cautiously. The goal here is not to make the facilities perform very profitable, but to ensure business continuity while ensuring profitability. In this sense, our guests both from the domestic market and from abroad show understanding. We are trying our best,” the specialist added.

The interlocutor noted that the contribution of the Russian and Ukrainian markets to Turkish tourism is huge, so it is obvious that the events that occurred after February 24 of this year hit the Turkish tourism industry. business. However, the Turks were able to reorient themselves from Russian-speaking vacationers to Europeans. “We had certain problems with the filling of hotels. Today, the European market is experiencing significant growth compared to previous periods. As the UK and the Netherlands market, which we have not had in the last two years, has come into play, and demand from our other resource markets is growing, we clearly see that the next two months will be a full-fledged season for our region: foreign and domestic tourist flow makes us happy.” , – he noted.

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