Everything went awry: in Turkey there was a grandiose scandal on the basis of hotel prices

Everything went wrong: a huge scandal over hotel prices in Turkey

A huge scandal with non-accommodation of tourists is unfolding in Turkey. Interestingly, its main characters were domestic tourists, i.е. the Turks themselves, who bought tours … through their friends and relatives in Germany, since it turned out to be cheaper. However, hotels are not eager to let local tourists in at German prices. As a result, everything went wrong at the beginning of this season, and the confrontation between hoteliers and tourists is “gaining strength”.

The crux of the problem, as explained by the Turkish travel media, is that Turks living in Germany have started booking hotel accommodations for their Turkish relatives living in Turkey, as it is much cheaper. The fact is that hotels traditionally give different prices for different markets, but prices for the domestic market are almost always the most expensive.

However, the tourists who arrived at the hotels could not prove that they live in Germany. As a result, a scandal erupted between hotels and tourists – Turkish tourists consider this situation extremely unfair. Prices in the domestic market turn out to be much higher than prices for foreigners, and all domestic tourists are perplexed – why they have to pay so much.

Hotels give literally the following answer to this question: “The factor that provokes the price difference is that that prices abroad were set in a period corresponding to last year's summer season, when normal inflationary expectations prevailed. Prices for domestic tourists were set in the last days of last year, when the inflationary fever broke out, or at the beginning of this year,” they say.

According to the media, hotels and travel agencies operating in Germany began to work more closely with tour operators to fix the problem – expectedly, not in favor of local tourists. As a result, all bookings of Turks from Germany are canceled for those who cannot prove their place of residence in Germany.

Tourists are outraged, but console themselves with the fact that “the equation is inevitable.” “While the different pricing strategy of hotels in different markets will continue to present such problems in the future, therefore, the price difference between markets should be brought to at least a balanced level,” experts say. They note that the problem is more widespread in the Turkish market, so it became obvious, and different prices for different countries often led to incidents.

Including the Russian market, they note. Further, they recall the case when a tourist from Denmark purchased prices at the “Russian” price. “Thanks to the general digitalization, the consumer has such a wide range of opportunities to obtain the optimal price that at present a balance will inevitably be reached in the price realization strategy, which varies depending on the markets,” Turkish experts assure.

Their Russian colleagues in turn recall the realities of the 90s. Then in Russia, Turkish tour operators gave very different prices even for Moscow and for the regions. Moreover, for some regions they were significantly higher than for the capital.

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