Explosions and fire in a hotel in Turkey: tourists fled from a 5-star hotel

Explosions and fire in a hotel in Turkey: tourists fled from a 5-star hotel

The incident, which frightened tourists and local residents, occurred in the Turkish resort of Manavgat in the Sorgun region. Late at night in a five-star hotel, the name of which is not given by the local press, a beach restaurant caught fire. According to the assurances of the tourists fleeing the hotel, the fire was so strong that even explosions started, and the vacationers themselves fled. Apparently, the gas cylinders in the kitchen detonated. The locals feared that the fire would spread to the relict pine forest that surrounds the hotel. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

The details presented in the Turkish media are as follows: the fire started around 2 am in the beach restaurant of a 5* hotel. As the fleeing tourists said, several explosions were heard. Local residents quickly called the rescue services, fearing that the flames would spread to the nearby reserve – the relic pine grove of Sorgun, located very close to the hotel and dangerously close to the bar and restaurant engulfed in flames.

Fortunately, as Turkish media write that the flames “did not splash out” on the forest, the fire was extinguished in a few hours. The building of the beach restaurant was completely burnt out, all utensils and materials became unusable. However, since the restaurant was located at a distance from the main building of the hotel, the hotel itself was not damaged, and the tourists were safely returned to their rooms.

Investigation teams of the Manavgat district gendarmerie command arrived at the scene of the crime. The causes of the fire and the “explosions” heard by tourists are being investigated. It is likely that a variety of flammable cooking materials became the cause.

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