Extreme conditions for tourists predicted in Thailand

Thailand predicts extreme conditions for tourists

Extremely hot summer is predicted in Thailand with temperatures up to 43 degrees in some places and an average temperature of 38-39 degrees – this is noticeably higher than usual. At the same time, tourists currently in the country are warned by the meteorological department that at the moment they are expecting bad weather on the contrary – a cold snap with harsh winds, thunderstorms and strong waves.

According to meteorologists, the hottest weather this week was recorded in the north of the country: on Thursday the temperature reached 41.5°C. The Bangkok area is slightly cooler with the highest temperature at 38.5°C.

Average around 35.5 degrees is expected in Thailand. At the same time, according to the weather forecast of the Department of Thailand, a change in weather is expected, primarily on the coasts, thunderstorms and gusty winds are promised.

The weather is determined by the anticyclone that came from China, which will spread to the South China Sea and the upper part of the north-east of Thailand. As a result, summer storms, gusts of wind and hail will hit the northeast, and then other regions. Tourists are advised to keep an eye on the weather forecast and avoid being outdoors during storms.

So far, the weather forecast for the next dates in Phuket does not promise showers. Tourists are promised +33-34 degrees and partly cloudy.

Recall that weather forecasters have promised an extremely hot summer in Europe as well. The temperature records of the summer of 2022, when the heat in the resorts of Europe went over +40 degrees, will be repeated in the summer season of 2023. In other words, all last year's problems will only get worse, and a warm snowless winter will add trouble to the coming summer season: for example, a lack of snow will turn into a lack of water. So “good old Europe” is waiting for a repeat of last year's nightmare, and tourists are not recommended to go there. Read the details at the link.

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