Fatal birthday: Tourist dies while unwrapping gifts while traveling

Fatal birthday: Tourist dies while unwrapping gifts while traveling

During a long-awaited trip, a foreign tourist suddenly died while unwrapping gifts given to her on her birthday. The cause of death was a ruptured spleen.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a tragic incident occurred with a 36-year-old woman in the UK, in Devonshire, where she went with her family to celebrate her 36th birthday. The trip was planned – the woman considered the county in South West England “the best place in the world” and planned a family trip for several weeks.

The tragedy happened on the second day of the holiday, when the woman was unwrapping gifts. Suddenly, the condition of the tourist worsened. She went to the bathroom and fell to the floor. This birthday turned out to be fatal for her. According to the publication, the British woman had several convulsive seizures, and then she died immediately.

Later, doctors learned the true cause of the unexpected death of the traveler. The girl died due to a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding. It was specified that she was unwell in the years leading up to her death, but her family had no idea how serious the condition of the girl really was. In 2016, a British woman vomited blood and was sent to the hospital for testing.

Doctors found that the woman needed a liver transplant and put her on the waiting list. However, the family did not know that she did not have long to live without an organ transplant operation and the girl's condition was deadly.

Despite all the health problems, the tourist wanted to “enjoy life to the maximum”, so she went to the trip. The deceased is survived by an 18-year-old daughter. Now the relatives of the British woman have announced the collection of money for the transportation of the woman's body to her home in Manchester.

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