Fearing terrorist attacks in Istanbul on Istiklal Street banned everything that is possible

Fearing terrorist attacks in Istanbul on Istiklal Street banned everything possible

Tourist Istiklal Street in Istanbul may soon lose its attractiveness for tourists. The mayor's office of the Turkish “cultural capital”, frightened by the terrorist attack on November 13, decided to ban any “social, cultural or commercial activity” on the street.

“After the terrorist attack in our Beyoglu district, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya issued a general order on the measures to be taken to maintain security, peace and order, as well as to speed up the current pedestrian flow on Istiklal Street,” the order states. It also noted that in the entire Beyoglu region, “historical, economic, social, cultural and tourism activities are most intensively carried out.” It is she who is planned to be banned.

To this end, a general requirement has been published for all shop owners, merchants, professional organizations, as well as local administrations and security services operating on Istiklal Street. They were informed that any street trade is banned – stands, tables and chairs, exhibitions, and even “mobile signs”. Street selling from stalls is prohibited. Also, the organization of social, cultural or commercial events and the activities of street musicians, both in a group and solo, are prohibited on the street. The necessary measures must be taken by authorized and responsible institutions/organizations.

Let us recall that the terrorist attack in Istanbul frightened literally the whole of Turkey and forced them to take similar measures. For example, in Antalya, by decision of the governor, on November 17, benches were dismantled on the busy Republic Square, located in the historical center of the city. The authorities removed the benches out of fear that a bomb might be planted under them. Read more at this link.

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