Fight on board Thailand-Moscow flight over fake VIP tourist ends in emergency landing and plane crash

Fight on board Thailand-Moscow flight due to fake VIP tourist ends in emergency landing and aircraft breakdown

A fake VIP tourist posing as the son of Governor Alexander Uss caused an extremely unpleasant surprise for tourists returning from Thailand on Aeroflot flights Bangkok-Moscow. The situation consistently turned into a fight on board, an emergency landing and, as an additional “bonus” – a breakdown of the aircraft. Baza and Mash telegram channels tell the details.

According to their data, it all started with a “rude passenger” who flew in economy class. He called himself the son of Governor Alexander Uss and demanded VIP treatment from the flight attendants. “When the deception was revealed (after all, Uss’s son is in an Italian prison) and he was refused, he pushed the food cart and the stewardess. She fell and hit her head. The neighbors of the rebel in the armchair stood up for the girl and waved him away, ”the authors of the channel describe.

As a result, the brawler was twisted, but it didn’t end there. The scandal on board frightened one of the business class passengers, who was six months pregnant. The girl became ill – as a result, the crew decided to land at the nearest airport and landed in Samarkand.

“According to passengers, the landing was harsh,” the channels say. At the same time, the brawler was dropped off, one of the channels also reports that a pregnant passenger was also urgently taken to the hospital. The rest of the tourists were not allowed out of the plane for several hours. “Passengers hoped that they would fly to Moscow soon, but the troubles did not end there. It turned out that the aircraft had a technical malfunction and the aircraft could not fly yet. Passengers were dropped off at the airport, they will be accommodated in a hotel and sent to Moscow by other Aeroflot aircraft, the sources said.

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