Finland arrests tourist for attempting to break into Russia on a bike

Finland arrested a tourist for trying to break through to Russia on a bicycle

Border guards in southeastern Finland stopped a foreign tourist who, without a visa, was trying to break into Russia through the Nuijamaa-Brusnichnoye border crossing on a bicycle. Moreover, this was not a Russian who missed his homeland, but a German who abandoned all attempts to legally cross the border. The corresponding statement was made by the border service on November 15.

According to the information, a man who was moving along the border was caught on November 14 by a border patrol from the Russian side, who ordered the German to return to the Finnish side. “The German was summoned to the Yuzhno-Karelsky District Court on suspicion of committing a crime at the state border, and this issue was discussed with the border commissioner of the Vyborgsky District,” the statement said, according to Schengenvisainfo.

Meanwhile, data provided by the Finnish border service showed that, given the government's decision to restrict the entry of Russian citizens into Finland on September 30, the number of arrivals has dropped significantly. According to these data, on November 13 alone, a total of 1,352 Russians entered Finland, while 1,105 left the European country. In other words, most of the arrivals still use Finland as a transit point to get to Europe. Ten of the total were denied entry into the country.

It was also reported that there was not a single request from the Russian side to enter the country as a refugee.
Recall that in the first week of this month, the Finnish border service arrested a Russian woman on suspicion of traveling with a fake passport from Finland to Russia. In this regard, the same source said that the woman was heading to Russia, trying to cross the Vaalimaa border checkpoint.

In addition, on November 3, four illegal immigrants from France were suspected of illegally crossing the border from Finland to Russia at Hukkajärvi in ​​Kuhmo . During preliminary interrogations, four Frenchmen said that they were on the Russian side of the border strip and wanted to cross the border into Finland.

The Finnish government had previously offered a total of 6 million euros to finance a pilot fence on the eastern border for this year – details here.

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