Finland refused to block Russian tourists, explaining the reason

So he justified Finland's refusal to join the decision of the Baltic countries and Poland on restricting the entry of Russian tourists on Schengen visas issued by other countries. “The public authority must always strictly abide by the law, and we do not believe that a complete visa ban (or entry ban) for one nationality is compatible with the law,” Mr. Tanner said on official social media. According to him, “every visa application and every person at the border” should be “assessed on the basis of criteria established by law and on an individual basis.”

He also added that he does not believe that “every citizen Russia poses a threat to public order and security.” “Some people are a threat, but those threats are best mitigated by other tools in the kit. that exist. Not through total bans at the border,” Mr. Tanner assured.

However, he also did not forget to mention to the anti-Russian wing that Finland has already limited tourist visa applications for Russians to 10%. And also that under the current circumstances, “tourism from Russia will not continue as usual.”

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