Finnish Prime Minister urges EU to completely limit Russian tourism

Finnish PM urges EU to completely restrict Russian tourism

The EU should expand sanctions to restrict Russian tourists from traveling to Schengen countries. Such an urgent Russophobic call was voiced by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin in an interview with the Finnish edition of YLE.

N.B. Earlier, Turprom wrote about the plans of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “It will be impossible to get to Europe through Finland.”

The Prime Minister commented for the first time on this issue, which has been actively discussed in Finland in recent weeks. “It is wrong that at the same time that Russia is conducting a special operation in Ukraine, Russians can live a normal life, travel around Europe, be tourists. This is wrong, ”said the official in an interview with the publication. According to the politician's deep hopes, the EU countries will jointly resolve this issue, since Russian tourists can still freely cross the Finnish border on a visa issued by any Schengen country.

Reference: In The 26 Schengen countries include 22 EU states, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

In recent weeks, some have accused the Finnish government of being taken by surprise by the presence of Russian tourists in Europe and Finland as well. However, according to Marin, this was not the case, as Russian tourism was discussed at EU summits throughout the spring. So far, the sanctions have not extended to the tourism sector. According to Marin, the discussion should be continued in the European Council.

“I believe that at future meetings of the European Council this issue will be raised even more acutely. My personal position is that tourism should be limited,” she added.

Finland, even without a go-ahead from the European Council, may slow down the issuance of Russian tourist visas. For example, to intervene by making it more difficult to obtain tourist visas, as Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto suggested. According to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Schengen rules would allow Finnish officials to give priority to family, study or work visas over tourist ones for the time being.

The Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that many Russians receiving Finnish tourist visas are actually just using Finland as a transit point for holiday trips to other countries. Marin said cabinet discussions are ongoing and research is underway to clarify the legal basis for restricting entry. She added that it is important to determine whether the legislation needs to be changed so that Finland can decide on its own national sanctions in exceptional situations.

“Is the current Finnish legislation sufficient for us to be able to impose our own national sanctions in such exceptional situation? But I personally would like to see European solutions to this issue,” the Finnish leader concluded.

Earlier, the leaders of each of the four largest parliamentary parties in Finland unanimously spoke out about depriving Russians of the right to tourist visas and said they would support an immediate cessation issuance of appropriate permits to cross the Finnish border.

Recall that the Finnish-Russian border opened for tourism in early July after both countries lifted restrictions related to the coronavirus. From July 1, 2022, the Finnish authorities began accepting visa applications from Russian travelers. Over the past month, more than 236,000 tourists from Russia have crossed the border, according to the Finnish Border Guard.

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