Fires began to break out in Antalya: everyone is afraid of a repeat of last year's story with the evacuation of hotels

Fires began to break out in Antalya: everyone is afraid of a repeat of last year's story with the evacuation of hotels

Antalya is sounding the alarm – the first forest fires this year have been recorded in the province. While they are being extinguished in the mountainous regions of this resort province, in particular, according to Turkish media, a forest fire broke out in the Gundogmush region. Despite the fact that Antalya is already experiencing typical summer very hot and dry weather (details in the article “Sea + 26C, air + 36C: heat has set in Turkish resorts”), experts from the fire service fear a repeat of last year’s nightmare that frightened all tourists: then several hotels burned down, and from many hotels, which were shrouded in smoke, vacationers were massively evacuated.

At the moment, a fire broke out in the forest near the Pinarbashi intersection of the Gundogmush district. The reasons are yet to be clarified. Local residents who saw the rise in smoke reported the situation to Emergency Call Center 112. Emergency services from the Gündogmus Forestry Department, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Fire Service and firefighting teams from nearby areas were dispatched to the fire area. Fire extinguishing work continues.

Recall that last year, forest fires in Turkey became a real disaster for the resorts. Since the beginning of July, fire has engulfed forests in the resort provinces of Antalya and Mugla, many settlements have been affected by the fire, and hotels have also been “inflicted”. In total, 120 fires were recorded in tourist areas, the resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum, where tourists were evacuated from hotels, suffered the most from them. In total, more than 133 forest fires were recorded, while in previous years – from 2008 to 2020, more than 43 fires per season were recorded. Moreover, Russian tourists were among the accused. Read the details here.

At the same time, Antalya is currently experiencing typical Turkish summer weather – hot, dry and windy. On average, the daily temperature reaches +37 – and without precipitation. Such weather is perfect for summer holidays – but alas, it also contributes to the spread of forest fires.

Experts from climatologists are also not encouraging – they rather scare hoteliers and tourists. According to them, Turkey will have to bear the brunt of natural disasters associated with climate change, and the resorts beloved by Russian tourists – Antalya and neighboring ones – will suffer from this first of all. Turkey has already been “attacked” by wildfires, floods, earthquakes, drought and sea snot, but it risks facing even more natural disasters if it does not decisively confront climate change, researchers say. Details can be found in the TURPROM article “An alarm signal sounded for tourism in Turkey: experts have named disasters that will now haunt resorts forever.”

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