First class for the poor: a tourist described a way to fly in comfort and was criticized online

First class for the poor: a tourist described a way to fly comfortably and was criticized online

Popularity in social networks and a lot of indignant comments received a “life hack” of one tourist to increase the comfort of flights in economy class. He claimed to have discovered a way to get a “poor man's version of the first class,” but not everyone liked his way of flying comfortably, and many even questioned the reality of such a method. Moreover, additional funds for this scheme will also be needed.

The scandal drew the attention of the British newspaper Daily Star. She reveals that this TikTok blogger claimed to have found a “hack” that always gives him a full row of seats to sit comfortably in. “How to reach the first class of the poor? If you want to go on holiday abroad but can't afford a private jet or first class on most flights, with this trick you can book a flight and get yourself a cheap version of first class and save money!

The method itself is simple, but requires additional investment. If you want to fly in comfort, according to this life hack, you need to buy tickets for the entire row, and then return them just 45 minutes before landing. During such a time, the blogger assures, the airline will not have time to resell tickets, and you will be left with a whole free row. “No trick, just make sure that the money for two additional tickets will be fully returned to you,” the blogger said.

However, the audience still found the “trick” – and not one. The video with a million views had a lot of critical comments. Firstly, as commentators note, it is far from certain that the funds spent will be returned. “Show me an airline that fully refunds tickets returned at least an hour before departure. I have not seen any of them,” writes, for example, one commentator. Secondly, it is not at all a fact that in this way it will be possible to get a free row – there are many candidates for empty seats, especially on popular flights – for example, passengers whose flight was canceled or they could not fly on the previous flight for some reason. reasons, or employees of the airline itself.

Many also drew attention to the unethical nature of such a life hack. “The catch is that you are deceiving everyone. It's not a very good way, you're taking seats away from people who might need to get on that flight. And the prices will become even more expensive,” they write to the blogger. And airlines are unlikely to react favorably to this method of ensuring a comfortable flight, commentators add. It can still “ride” once, but on the second or third time of suddenly given tickets, there is a chance that the carrier will be blacklisted, commentators believe.

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