First tourist diagnosed with monkeypox in Phuket resort

First tourist diagnosed with monkeypox in Phuket resort

Phuket resort has encountered the first case of a new disease – monkeypox. The infection was diagnosed in a 27-year-old Nigerian who arrived from Nigeria on a Thai island. This was announced by the Department for Disease Control and Prevention (DDC) on the evening of July 21.

The tourist was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of this week, but doctors confirmed the symptoms only last Thursday. The patient was hospitalized with high fever, cough, sore throat and runny nose. He also had rashes and lesions in the genital area, which spread to other parts of the body and face in a few days.

In addition, the virus in the man was confirmed by a PCR laboratory analysis conducted by the Clinical Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases of the Thai Red Cross. With the first case identified, health authorities have been instructed to monitor and identify any other potential cases in the tourism province to limit its spread.

On Thursday, WHO experts held a meeting to decide whether the spike in cases outside of Africa since May is a global health emergency. The head of the DDC urged tourists not to panic and to focus on WHO guidance, according to which monkeypox is not a reason to declare a pandemic, since the symptoms in most cases do not pose a threat to life.

According to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , over 15,000 cases of monkeypox infection have now been reported worldwide, with five deaths reported in Africa. Spain, the USA and Germany became the top three in terms of the number of cases of the new fashionable disease.

Rospotrebnadzor reported the first and so far the only case of monkeypox infection in Russia on July 12. The disease was detected in a tourist who returned from a trip to Europe and went to the clinic with a characteristic rash. In addition, it was reported that the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA) in the Russian Federation has developed a universal vaccine that protects against all types of smallpox.

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